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Discerning the Times Bible Prophecy Conference

April 14-15, 2023

Remember the Discerning the Times Bible Prophecy Conference coming up in Saskatoon April 14-15.

Creation Celebration 2023

March 25, 2023

The Creation Celebration will be returning on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 10:00 A.M. It will be a one day event at Fairhaven Bible Chapel, 3503 Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon, SK. There will be reciting of memorized scripture, quizzing, science experiments and fellowship. Creation resources will be available for viewing and purchase. Meals will be provided. Come and celebrate God’s glorious creation with us. Time is limited to get actively involved so act today. Alternatively, you are invited to attend to see what goes on and enjoy the encouraging fellowship. Either way, for more information or to register, contact Lavonne Derksen or phone (306) 232-2156 .

Creation Family Camp 2022

August 1-6, 2022

Click here for the 2022 camp brochure and registration form.

Our keynote speakers for 2022 family camp will be Vance & Korelei Nelson of Creation Truth Ministries (CTM). The location is Echo Lake Bible Camp, near Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. Mark your calendars! More information coming soon.

Vance is the Director of Creation Truth Ministries. He holds two earned degrees. He earned a theology degree from Taylor University College in 1997 (Bachelor of Religion with a specialization in Christian ministry). Vance then went on to earn a Biology degree in 2002. Since 2002 Vance has been researching, speaking and writing full-time. Vance spends much of his time doing original research in areas such as paleontology, geology and archaeology. He has a real love for studying God’s Word and God’s World. The Bible’s account will be shown to provide the best explanation for the origin of everything we see today. Vance has been on television and radio in Canada, the United States and the U.K.

Korelei Nelson obtained training at North American Baptist College where she graduated with a Certificate in Biblical Studies in 1994. She has been involved in organizing numerous Christian children’s programs. She has a special gift in communicating profound truths in an exciting and clear way so that it is understandable to children. Children will not only be taught the truth about these and other areas, but will be equipped to defend the Biblical view of history.

PLEASE NOTE: Christian Worker’s SPECIAL: All rates (including family maximum) will be reduced by 50% for individuals (and their dependents) actively involved in full-time Christian ministry.

For detailed information please consult the brochure.

Tentative Outline of keynote lectures August 1-6, 2022.

  • Monday PM: The Bible and Evolution: What's at Stake?
  • Tuesday AM: Dinosaurs: The Most asked Questions Answered (Joint session).
  • Tuesday PM: The Ark of Noah: Its Design and Discovery.
  • Wednesday AM: Dire Dragons: The Missing Link in Dinosaur History.
  • Wednesday PM: Amazon Expedition: Discovering the Sauropod Pictograph.
  • Thursday AM: Flood Fossils: Evidence for Noah's Flood.
  • Thursday PM: Catastrophic Caves: Fast Formations.
  • Friday AM: Monumental Monsters: Gigantic Creatures in the Fossil Record (Joint session).
  • Friday PM: Created Creatures: Evidence for Creation from the Fossil Record.
  • Saturday AM: The Brief History of Mankind: Evidence for the Tower of Babel Dispersion.
Vance & Korelei Nelson
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