What is C.S.S.I.?

Creation Science of Saskatchewan Inc. is an organization incorporated under the provisions of the Non-profit Corporations Act of Saskatchewan. It is governed by an elected Board of Directors. C.S.S.I is registered with Revenue Canada and can issue "Official Receipts for Income Tax Purposes" for donations received in support of its ministry.

Membership is open to all who are eighteen years of age or over, who adhere to the Statement of Purpose, and who believe that Jesus Christ is both God and Man, that He is the Creator of all things, and that He is our only Hope and Saviour as revealed in the Holy Bible. Download the membership form.

Statement of Purpose

  1. To collect, organize, and distribute information on Creation.
  2. To develop a better public understanding of Creation.
  3. To prepare resource material on scientific creation for educational use.
  4. To promote inclusion of scientific creation in school curricula.

Creation Model

  1. All things came into existence by the Word of God according to the plan and purpose of the Creator.
  2. The complex systems observable within the universe demonstrate design by an intelligent Creator.
  3. All life comes from life, having been created originally as separate and distinct kinds.
  4. The originally created kinds were created with the ability to reproduce and exhibit wide variation within pre-determined genetic boundaries.
  5. The geological and fossil record shows evidence of a world wide Flood.
  6. Honest scientific investigation neither contradicts nor nullifies the Biblical record of the origin and history of the universe and lif
Board Members Location
Mr. Keith Miller, President SASKATOON, SK
Mr. Dennis Kraushaar REGINA, SK
Mr. Garry A. Miller KENASTON, SK
Mrs. Shirley Dahlgren MOOSOMIN, SK
Mr. Calvin Erlendson REGINA, SK
Mr. Aaron Miller SASKATOON, SK
Mr. Steve Lockert SASKATOON, SK
Mr. Dennis Siemens PRINCE ALBERT, SK
Mr. Nathan Siemens PRINCE ALBERT, SK

If you want to contact a specific director above, send your request to the CSSI office and we will forward it to the intended director.

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